The Mafia Boss

I, (Don Zeus), am the CEO and founder of Zeus Global in Columbia, SC...

Zeus Global is a conglomerate (Mafia) composed of 21 mighty entities that all have influences in various regions of the world. It's the largest and most efficient on Earth...

I’m the most powerful one on Earth. I’ll reunite the 10 kingdoms on Earth under Jesus Christ before his return in these last days... (Isaiah 11)

Black Plague is the first and last album I will record. It represents my transition from a small time Don to the most ruthless one on Earth. Black Plague will be heard throughout the 4 corners of the Earth...

I have written a fully effective movie-like commercial script that will effectively promote the 21 entities that make up the core of Zeus Global. The words will be at the end of every commercial because it is the link to this blog. All commercials will be placed on this blog...

Commercial Order:

1. Dasani
2. Bud Light 
3. Apple
4. 21st Century Insurance 
5. Toyota
6. Dish 
7. Walmart 
8. IBM
9. Shell 
10. Wells Fargo
11. McDonald’s
12. GE
13. Intel 
14. Boeing
15. Dow Chemical
16. Procter & Gamble
17. AT&T 
18. State Grid Corporation of China
19. USPS
20. Marines
21. NASA